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About "us"?? No! 🙂 About Almighty יהוה (Yahwah), the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob……our ONLY Saviour and Redeemer according to Hebrew Scriptures! I guess one would have to know "about us" before you can understand the "why" for this site, right? Right! 🙂

Jerry and I received the Ruach haKodesh/Holy Spirit well over 40 years ago in an old time, strict living, intercessory praying and fasting Apostolic assembly here in Georgia. We learned MUCH from our first pastor and truly appreciate his teachings of trusting the Almighty in EVERYTHING, living holy/set apart from this world's distractions. This precious brother was being lead into a Hebraic lifestyle and really did not recognize it, I don't think. He taught against pagan days……including birthdays……keeping the dietary laws according to Leviticus, keeping your heart right……covered by the blood of Mashiach……and staying on the straight and narrow path because of an intense relationship with the Elohim/God we serve.

Thirty something years ago, Jerry came across a couple of men who did not know each other at different points in time. Both were of Israeli descent and both told Jerry of the mighty Elohim, "Yahweh"……….we did not know at that time His name was really pronounced "Yahwah"…….:)

THEN, a little over 27 years ago was when we discovered the name of יהוה (Yahwah) had been removed from our King James Version and replaced with upper case "GOD", upper case "LORD" and the errors of "Jehovah" and "Jesus". Here it was that our journey began whereby we denounced "Chrisianity" as they were never called "Christians" at Antioch, but Mashikiyim…….followers of Mashiach.

We knew the world must be told the truth…..that יהוה (Yahwah)'s name was removed from His Word…..that our "God's/Elohim's" name was only יהוה (Yahwah) and this same יהוה (Yahwah) robed Himself in flesh to become our Lamb for redemption. Thus, the Son bore His Father's name, יהוה (Yahwah), according to the Torah, prophets and writings……the name above all names…….never "Jesus" nor any "shua/shuah/sha" name……. 🙂